Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dear Staff #Obama2012 @BarackObama BO PLZ deliver this tweet on Econ 101 2 R Pres on behalf of R youth & corp. jet owners #fb

Dear Staff #Obama2012 of @BarackObama BO please deliver this tweet on Economics 101 to our President on behalf of our youth and corporate jet owners. 

Dear Mr. President! Please consider your language to America and learn Economics 101.

My friend Original Sloop says "obama has zero idea how many people are employed just to fly one private jet aviation lawyers, fbo operators, fuel, inspectors, maintenance agreement companies, pilot training, insurers, avionics developers, software updates, satellite phone companies, satellite tv companies, satellite internet companies, flight bag computers, caterers, oxygen suppliers, medical contact companies, escrow companies, painters, interior finish companies, flir, synthetic vision, software for weight and balance, jeppsen charts, flight attendant and their training, cabin management system companies, apu maintenance companies, a company to make the wings, a couple of companies to make the engines and apu, another company to make the empennage, people to empty the holding tanks and fill the water tanks, water purification company, fire suppression companies, a company to develop a landing gear blowdown system, airshow hardware and software, ice protection systems, sensors sensors sensors, parts warehousing, parts delivery planes, engineering, qc inspectors, salespeople, used jet sales, weather radar, xm satellite subscriptions, technical writers....even people to test the fabric you want for a pillow on your plane."  

And another wonderful friend Nony adds "they pay income tax and spend money in their community which keeps restaurants and shops in business, etc etc etc

Mr. President when you speak words over America and condemn Corporate jet owners by saying we need to take their tax breaks away OR college kids won't get scholorships that is very disturbing faithless statement over America, our free enterprise, the American Dream and the little boy or girl that maybe in poverty now but has a dream to grow up and be a CEO of a corporation and own a corporate jet owner!  YOU Mr. President just threw cold water on his and her dream! 

For all the employees that contribute to paying their income taxes from operating and servicing corporate jets and beyond it well makes up for the tax breaks you want to take away from the owners. 

Most may not understand what you are really doing.  It's a sneaky way to try to keep and get people on your side for your campaign that has already begun.  But don't forget, while you where still a Senator and were campaigning for the Presidency you left a lot of work that you where responsible for as a Senator and being paid for that also. 

That is not the point here!  The point is, you are now President and your voice speaks volumes to the dreams and hopes of America not only to grown ups but to the youth. 

Come on Mr. President!  It's not about the few corporate jet owners and their tax breaks, it's about projecting how terrible conservatives, Republicans and those that have a different view of things than you do.  And you don't want the blind to know the truth.  The blind are leading the blind and they will both fall into a ditch the Bible says. 

One day you will stand before God and give an account of what you did to America.  Please try to think and consider every move you make and every word you speak from here on out as you play Chess with America.  This is not a game.  God have mercy on us.  Please re-read what my friends say so you understand Economics 101.

Thank you for listening.


Wanda Gladwill

Carlsbad, San Diego, California


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