Tuesday, August 6, 2013

This is terrible! Don't you care? Obamacare forces 1/2 time jobs!

Look at their smiling faces as Obama signs the bill they didn't read into law!
It's hard enough getting by on one full time job!  Think about it!  Now because of Obamacare businesses all around the country are forced to cut employees down to part time jobs.  You may say they don't have to.  But if you are not the owner of a business with all it's struggles and attempts to make and keep a profit then you are wrong.  For all businesses that employ over 50 people if they don't provide insurance for their employees that work over 30 hours a week they will pay a penalty of $2,000 per employee.  That is WRONG!  Very WRONG for the federal government to put this hardship on employers AND employees!  Obama and the Democrats who are forcing this unjustice down our throats are horrible!  Do you not care?

This is surely CHANGING America!  Is this what you voted for?  Is this what you wanted?  This does not just affect Republicans and conservatives of course.  This affects all Americans including the Democrats who voted Obama and the Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed into office.  This affects all the Democrats who year after year go to the polls and vote for Democrats just because they are already in office and well "they must be okay politicians because they are already in office and if they weren't good politicians they wouldn't be office, right?  So I should vote for the ones who are already there and have been there for so long because they are the ones who know better!  Right?"  WRONG!  This is the mindset of the average voter!  So this is what you get?  Do you not care?

Many of these voters are Christians who blindly like I did go to the polls and vote just as I described above.  You know all Christians for the most part love and adore a wonderful woman who hid Jews during Hitler's rampage of sending Jews to the gas chambers in his Germany!  Many Christians adore this woman because she did this wonderful deed and saved many Jews from termination.  Corrie Ten Boom is her name and she is a hero to so many Christians.  Back then who spoke up when Hitler was coming to power and taking over with his wrath?  Christians!  You need to wake UP!  We are being suffocated by laws from ungodly politicians and our freedoms are being ripped from us daily!  What will you do when you are not allowed to preach the Gospel in this great country!  Wake up!

Their argument is almost hilarious if it wasn't so frightening!  Who are the taxpayers?  The very people who work those part time jobs! "and taxpayers will be picking up the tab."  Oh my!  How deceived!

Now lets look at the new scenario.  Employees will have to go get two jobs to sustain their households.  Can you imagine?  How difficult is it already to get to one job?  Now Obama and his regime have delayed the employer mandate, but that does not fix the problem of uncertainty.  A delay is simply a delay.  Uncertainty in business causes business paralysis.  Less employers in our country cause more dependence and less tax revenue.  People may think of the Conservative and Republican stance of this to be heartless saying "well you guys just don't care about people with health problems".  No it's is beyond this.  It is so much more that that we don't care.  We DO care and we can see the bigger problem for our country coming down the tracks.  The bigger problem will overwhelm the smaller problem multiplied over it.  Yes our healthcare systems needs an overhaul, but the one they came up with is not the one that is to fix it.  Now it has become a nightmare and train wreck for our country.  God have mercy!

Part time jobs increased 7 times that of full time jobs since Obama took office under his "Hope and Change".  Voters you are responsible for this!  Thank you!  Have a great day!